Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Goal #7

So how is your summer treating you? At this point I'm convinced that there must be something called a summer fairy and it doesn't like me much, because it keeps stealing my summer days. I used to like fairies. I figure as late in the year as it is, I better get a move on with my list of 2013 goals or I'll never get through.

As it turns out goal #7 was some what short lived, but not from a lack of trying. Here it is:

#7: Perfect the art of cooking shrimp 

I grew up in a household where the fish in our diet consisted solely of tuna fish sandwiches. Fish just wasn't my mom's thing. Don't get me wrong she was a health NUT and we eat our fair share of fruits, vegetables and Tofu, but not fish.

On the other hand my dear husband grew up in Alaska.....they have a lot of fish there. For years, despite my families peas and the knowledge that seafood is super good for you, I just didn't have the taste for it and I certainly didn't know how to cook it.

Two wonderful things recently changed all that. One, the magical occurrence of getting older and having your tastes buds die off means you like things you never used to. Two, my new found love of cooking has given me the confidence to branch out and try a host of new thing. Why just last night I made squash, this girl.....squash, get out!

I am not altogether sure why I started my seafood culinary endeavor with shrimp, but that is what I picked. Things have been going pretty well and I have made some pretty yummy shrimp dishes. My favorite, yet time consuming, was this one from Eating Well. Alas my exploration was not to last.

It turns out that shrimp is one of the worst things you can eat if you have high cholesterol. It also turns out that my husband has super high cholesterol, who knew? So I have put a hiatus on the shrimp but have started to explore salmon in its place. I took these kabobs on a recent camping trip and they were amazing.

Bon Appetit - PHOTOGRAPH BY Hirsheimer & Hamilton

Please share any good salmon recipes that you know of. I need to expand the Fish section of the List.

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