Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Confessions Of A Want-To-Be Farm Girl

Truth be told I wish I had a little farm. I'm not talking about a "get up at four a.m. to milk the cows, wash my knickers by hand and plow the fields" kind of farm, but boy would it be wonderful to have a large garden with a few chickens and possibly a goat for milking.

What started as a few tomato plants in the back yard to use for salsa has blossomed into a deep appreciation and fascination with the homesteading lifestyle. There is just something about being self sufficient. A certain joy that come with "homemade" and the more I learn, the more I'm hooked. Just the other day I made my first batch of cheese. No it didn't come from my own goat, but still....I MADE CHEESE!

For now I will have to settle with some Mason bees instead of the honey variety and possibly add just one more garden bed in back as I don't think a mini farm is in my immediate future. I'm guessing that if my HOA didn't like my Christmas wreath displayed in February, they certainly will have unpleasant things to say about a chicken coop in the back yard.

But the thing is, you don't have to have twenty acres or even two to get the satisfaction of growing or making something for you and your family. Heck you could do it on an apartment patio. Just because you or I can't produce enough crops to get us through the winter, doesn't mean we can't buy cheap fruit when it's in season and learn to can.

Yes progress is great and technology is super useful, but I don't want to throw away being self reliant just because it's easier to let some machine do all the work for me. In our day and age "homemade" is something unique and dare I say magical. It's something I want to hold on to for dear life.

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