Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finished: Bluebird

This experiment is official complete. I set out to see what would happen if I mixed water color and pastel. Over all I'm pretty happy with the results. The most import thing, other than it being finished, is what I learned along the way -

  1. Have a plan. I struggled with when to call this "done" because I didn't set out with a clear idea of where I was going and what I wanted to achieve. It was an experiment, but because I didn't start out with any end goal in mind, I ended up feeling lost about three quarters of the way through. 
  2. Don't wait to long. I let quite a bit of time go between when I started this and when I got around to finishing it. I lost my momentum and excitement for the project and to me that translates in the finished work.
  3. Dont use old fixative. Unless you really like that splattered look you see above. Adds to the vintage feel I guess.

1 comment:

  1. Your new experiment into water color and pastel really made this a much different piece. It seems to me that both pastel and water color have a really fantastic rich vibrant feel to their colors.

    I see what you mean about how you attempted to "paint in" the background around the bird to make it a finished piece- there is some white around the edges of the bird.

    I really honestly like the flat background, because it draws attention to the subject. It feels impressionistic, as though the blue is there to remind us there is a sky behind the bird, instead of painting every single cloud.

    How much thought did you put into the flowers? I feel like they are less detailed than the bird (which I think also adds to the impressionistic feel).

    I promise to give constructive feedback as I keep thinking about it.

    Paint on!