Thursday, February 7, 2013

Joy of Discovery: Colwyn Thomas

Caught Up - Giclee on Fuji Photorag Fine Art Paper

I have been wanted to add another "Joy of Discovery" post for a while now but just hadn't found anything truly inspiring of late, until I came across South African artist Colwyn Thomas. His work is whimsical and yet equally impactful. As per usual, I'm drawn to the themes of nature that are interwoven throughout his art.


I love the way Colwyn uses simple line drawing with washes of subtle color. His pallet seams to compliment each piece so perfectly.  More and more artist today are utilizing technology in their artistic process and Colwyn is no exception. He starts by drawing his line art by hand and then uploads his images into Photoshop to add color and textures. The results are really lovely. He talks more about his art in this interview with Empty Kingdom.

Chopsticks - Giclee on Fuji Photorag Fine Art Paper

Im so glad to discover Colwyn Thomas. I think it was worth the wait. Check out more of his art on his web site at

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