Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whats for Dinner: The List

The List-
I had a friend comment after my last dinner post that as much as she liked the idea of meal planning, coming up with that many meal ideas was a little overwhelming. I totally agree and if I had to come up with 7 new dishes a week, I would have thrown in the towel long ago. The answer is my dinner "List".

I started my list with all the meals I could think of that I knew how to make and my family liked. I then went online and found one new recipe to try out. I usually add one new dinner a week, although some weeks I may have two and some weeks nothing new. Every time I get two sets of thumbs up on a new dish, I add it to the list. To keep things balanced I try and make sure to rotate through dishes having one pasta dish, one Mexican dish, a soup or salad and recently a meatless meal of some kind, per week. The "List" has gotten pretty sizable of late and I have recently thought of organizing it in a database of sorts. 

Don't be overwhelmed, it is so worth the effort. I promise once you get meal planning down, you'll never go back.

Monday: Barbecue Chicken with Asparagus
Tuesday: Baja Bowl
Wednesday: Spring Pizza*
Thursday: Cashew Chicken Curry Sandwiches
Friday: Steak Salad
Saturday: Pasta Primavera

Featured Dinner:
Picture taken from the "Eating Well" Website
Spring Pizza
One of my new favorite summer meals. This pizza is so quick and easy. I usually make it on a night I run, because It goes together so fast. I get a whole wheat pizza dough in the Deli section of our grocery store.
Check it out here.

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