Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goal #1

A few weeks back I talked about 10 goals that I had given myself for 2013 along with a theme word "Follow Through". You haven't heard from me in awhile mostly because I have been so focused on making some headway with these goals. "Balance" might be a good word to think about for next year. Regardless, I think it's time to start sharing my list.

#1: Improve my photography skills and learn Photoshop

Im lucky enogh to have a membership with Lynda.com through my work and it's proving a great resource for learning Photoshop. I have only spent a few hours training, but I have learned some fun stuff and it's gotten me focused again.

I started my DSLR fund and I also rejoined Instagram. My user name is kristenjoyv if you would like to follow me. There are so many talented photographers and artist on Instagram and I have found a lot of inspiration. 

Not a bad start on goal one.

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