Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goal #4

Practicing some faces

So where exactly did the last month go? I seem to have misplaced it. If anyone finds it would you let me know? I think that wherever it is, its probably in the same place my back up pair of running shoes is, because I cant find those either.

I didn't think you would mind if I skipped around a little on my goal list. I would think that by now you would expect me to do things out of order. Today I wanted to share goal 4 of 10 for 2013.

 #4: Draw in my art journal at least once a week and complete 3 pieces this year.

I started out the year pretty strong with this goal, but fell behind in February.  I do feel like I have made up for it in the last few weeks though. I had a light switch moment. I'm sure you have experienced those moments in life when something that you have really wanted to do, but struggled with finding time or energy just one day fit into your life. I haven't had many of them, but I have had a few and man are they great. One day that elusive "thing" is turned off and then the next, something happens and it's turned on. Just like that.

Believe it or not, the thing that helped turn on the light was Instagram. I rejoined to help improve my photography skills, but found so many wonderful artist posting pictures of their work. And not just finished work, but work in progress which I think was the most encouraging to me. I hardly ever post pictures of my work, mostly because I never finish my work, but this idea that you can show it in progress for some reason was a real eye opener. There is an opportunity to see peoples process and even get some advise along the way, not to mention accountability...."So hows that panting you stated last month?"

To top it off I was approached by a coworker and fellow artist about starting some kind of accountability network for the artist we work with. What a great idea! He put together a blog that we could all post on, to share what we are working on. I'm so excited about this idea. I cant tell you how exciting it is to talk about your work with fellow artist. 

I'll be posting more on my current art projects here and linking them to our accountability blog. Please feel free to give honest feedback on any of my work. I would really appreciate it.

My pencil is calling, gotta go.

First stage. Trying out combining water color and pastel


  1. way to go, K! I'm excited to see how the pastels go on it.

    I've never really done watercolor washes. I keep seeing people use real simple color washes and I'm surprised how well it works in a notebook. Like here:

    And this page makes me sad and inspired at the same time:
    Sad because I'm not an amazing artist (yet), but inspired because I don't have to be.. and I have a long time to practice.


  2. These are some great links, thanks Charles! I think the key word is "simple" water color washes, which I have not mastered. I always do everything with too much detail.

    Check this blog out. It's a great resource for artist journals. This gal also wrote a book that's great.