Saturday, March 31, 2012

6,7,and 8 of 20

So between my sore knee, bad shoes and a hectic few weeks at work, you could say the training has been a little rough. On a positive note, even with all the set backs, I can still claim victory in my longest run to date; 6.54 miles. Yay Me!

My new shoes are still a few days out so I will need to spend the majority of this week on a bike. I'm trying not to see this as a set back, but an opportunity to strengthen different muscles. I'm afraid of losing ground, but getting the right shoe is a must. For now I.....peddle on.

Week 6 Totals-
  • Total Miles- 9.15
  • Average Pace- 13.26
  • Total Run Time- 2h, 1m
Week 7 Totals-
  • Total Miles- 6.62
  • Average Pace- 13.37
  • Total Run Time- 1h, 30m
Week 8 Totals-
  • Total Miles- 8.09
  • Average Pace- 12.86
  • Total Run Time- 1h, 44m

1 comment:

  1. Wow Kristen, that is impressive! Sorry about the sore knee. I know how you feel. I really need to have my knees scoped. Usually the left one is the worst and is always kind of swollen. Yesterday I spread mulch all day. Hubby said, "why didn't you wait for my help?". I felt great while doing it. Needless to say last night and today my right knee is killing me. Darn, I want my young body back. lol!