Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This Ones For The Birds

Sometime towards the beginning of February I came across a blog by the name of Tattered Chick. Marsha makes the cutest...well everything; vintage and lace. In my blog hopping I had run across the notion of project swaps, so when I saw that Marsha was hosting a "Flea Market Tote Swap" I jumped at the chance to get my craft on. Yes I really did just say that.

Marsha paired us up, two by two, and gave us some instructions. We were to get to know our tote partner a little and then make them a small tote in which to carry flea market spending money. In addition, we were to tuck in a small flea market trinket.

I was lucky enough to get paired with Jann from Have a Daily Cup from Mrs. Olson. It was fun to get to know a fellow blogger, especially with me being so new to the scene. We have chatted a few times over the last month and Jann has been so sweet and encouraging. I cant wait for you to see the tote that she made me....ready?

I know right, adorable! Jann did an incredible job. She is an avid quitter, a skill I have always wanted to learn. I love the bird cage embellishment. What Jann did so well was the details. I wanted to add "stuff" to the bag I made, but struggled with knowing what and where to embellish. I absolutely LOVE my tote. Jann sent the lovely bird tags you see at the top as my special trinket.

I started knitting a bag for Jann, but about half way through I started having concerns that it would be too small. I have been itching to use a "Sugar Rush" yarn that I bought last year, but maybe this wasn't the right project. I had also recently acquired some upholstery samples from a thrift store so decided to go a different rout. This is what I ended up with....

As you can see I finished the knitted bag as well. After putting the final touches on the upholstered bag, I thought what the heck, might as well finish the knitted bag since it was already half done. What do you know, it ended up nearly the same size as the other bag.

Not knowing what else to do with TWO bags, I sent them both to Jann along with a mini tea set I found at an antique market. Sadly I didn't pack it well enough and some of the pieces where broken in shipping. I want to send out a special thanks to Marsha for hosting such a fun swap and of course to Jann for my beautiful tote.



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  1. Hi Kristen... Nice to discover your blog. I took part in Marsha's Tote swap too. Had to put my thinking cap on but it was fun. Love both the totes you made. The one you received is (as you said) adorable, I just love the bird's tail.
    Hugs Alveen