Monday, January 23, 2012

One down...lots to go

With much excitement I would like to share my first completed project of 2012!

"Geisha Girl"

Last year I saw the cutest collection of Geisha Figures at a local coffee house. I carried one around for the 20 minutes I was browsing and then I put her back. This being something I do often, my Husband grilled me as we left. "Why didn't you get that? I know how much you wanted it." My answer of course was, "Well is was $39 and I could totally make that."

So out came the Sculpy and the creating commenced, but did not come to compleation, big surprise.
After posting "Start to Finish" I have really wanted to start checking things off my "Half Done" list and after reading a post over at "Life is A Beautiful Place to Be" I was inspired to post my projects as they are finished. So here you have it and yes I am patting myself on my back right now. :)

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