Friday, February 28, 2014

Fitness Favorites

I wanted to share with you some of my new favorite health finds.

"Lose it" App/Website: There are a lot of health and calorie counting apps out there, but I have been using this one for that last month and a half and really like it. I am a goal motivated girl and this app is great because not only can you set goals for your self above and beyond weight loss (like fiber intake) you can join challenges that other members have created to keep you motivated.

Resistance Band Workouts: Having an ever changing work schedule I often find it tricky to get outside for a run or hit the elliptical at the gym consistently. With that in mind I have been looking for good workouts I can do at home. I have plenty of fitness DVDs and hand weights but I wanted something that was a tad bit easier to fit in before bed and resistance band workouts are just the thing.  I have found a bunch of really great workouts on Pinterest and one I particularly love from the Tone It Up web site that you can check out here.

Water: I know they say that when trying to loose weight you should drink a lot of water so I started consuming 64oz. a day in addition to any other beverage I was drinking. After countless trips to the restroom I started wondering exactly why I was doing this. I mean why is drinking water all that important? I did a quick web search and soon found the reasons I would be putting up with the frequent potty breaks. I enjoyed this article and found it gave some great reasons above and beyond weight-loss for why drinking water is so important.

What are your fitness tips or favorite exercises?

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