Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Great Year

Over the last week I was introduced to Lara Casey's very inspirational blog. Along with many other lovely ladies I have been going through steps in Lara's "Make it Happen" series, to discover what my focus and direction will be in 2014.

This process has brought a lot of soul searching on a deeper level then I have previously started off my new year, but it has been so good. I highly recommend you check out Lara's blog.

I will be sharing my goals and "word' soon, but I'm still processing. Until then, I wanted to share the above photo college that I put together, highlighting special memories from 2013. I have been doing a lot of reflecting and when I started going through all my photos, I realized that we had a very full year.

I tried to pick my favorite memory from each month, but I have to say that this ended up being rather difficult as many months (especial the warmer ones) were filled with more then one great adventure. Here are the highlights:

January: A day hike on one of our favorite local trails.
February: A very cold, but memorable overnight camping adventure.
March: A family trip to the zoo.
April: A photo walk at the Idaho City cemetery.
May: Our first ladies craft night.
June: An overnight Jeep expedition with Justin's dad.
July: Kayaking with the family when my dad visited over my birthday.
August: Cooking with Justin
September: Celebrating my grandfather's life with my extended family.
October: A lovely drive with my husband.
November: A day hike with a tremendous view of our valley
December: Baking christmas cookies with my dear friend Amber.

I am truly blessed!

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