Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Good Amount of Planning

So I have noticed that as this year is coming to a close, I have started to mentally plan for the next one. What will my word be, what goals will I set, how did I do this year? It a natural thing I suppose and I'm a planner by nature. I LOVE lists! It's so exciting to start out the year with a brand new list to check off.

Here is my problem though, I tend to spend my time either over planning, and not doing or leaping into a long list of projects,without setting a realistic goal for completion. As much as I love lists I'm thinking that a good amout of planning and reflection might also be necessary. Not to much, but a "good" amount.

Perhaps a set time weekly and monthly to analyze my current lists, plans, and goals might work. I think I'll start with a half hour at the start of each week and one hour once a month. That seems doable. I have a tendency to look at the "here and now" and not the "just around the corner". Making lists are great, but if you don't have a realistic plan to achieve them, what's the point?

How do you achieve the things on your list?

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