Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Goal # 8

As this year swiftly speeds to a close I'm beginning to think that giving myself 10 goals for the year was a tad bit unrealistic, but they are good goals and since I have committed to follow through I will do my best to see them completed.

Goal number 8 was something that I had intended to keep on the down low until I could check it off my list, but something I have learned over this year is the goals we set for ourselves are not always what we really need or accomplished successfully in the way we planned.

Goal #8 - Get out of retail

I like my job. I work for a good company and I work with a lot of really great people, but the schedule is less then ideal to put it mildly. I have been in retail for over ten years and it is not conducive to the kind of home life I want, at least that is what I have been telling myself for a long time. The truth is that I often use my job as an excuse for why my life is cluttered, messy and unorganized.

I'm beginning to understand that the things you truly want can often be yours if your willing to work for them. Having a clean and organized home is hard, it takes work. In my head I had convinced myself that it would magically be easier to have an organized life with a 9-5, Monday - Friday work week. Perhaps having a fixed schedule would make life better, but work is still work, no matter when it's done. I guess I thought the Cinderella animals would be more readily available to me if I didn't work nights or weekends.

Now I think I should change goal #8 to "Don't Wait". If having a certain home life is important to me than I need to make it happen now, in my current circumstances. I don't know if I will ever transition out of retail, but my job should never be an excuse for lack of follow through.

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