Monday, July 9, 2012

The Color of July

I guess Summer has been here for a little while, but it never really feels like summer to me until July. Growing up it was always the month I looked forward to the most, probably because its my birthday month :) Since I have already picked white twice this year for a color focus I decided to go with red, brass and blue. I associate brass with old american memorabilia for some reason so it seemed like a good fit. We'll se if I can find any brass to photograph.

Red- Brass-Blue

The thing I love the most about summer is the sense of adventure. As a kid, summer days were spent in our tree house or chasing lizards through the grass. My sister and I would ride our bikes thru the fairgrounds and explore the mysteries within. Oh to be free for an entire summer. I may still have to work, but I hope to fill this summer with many new adventures. What about you?

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