Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not Half Bad

It's over
It's done
But's just begun.

There have been blisters..oh so many blisters. There have been sore muscles but I can't say I shed any tears, or pounds for that matter. Mostly, these last few month have been filled with sacrifices. So the big question has to be, was it worth it? For me the answer has to be, without a doubt.

I finished my first half marathon this last weekend. I have run a few 5k's over the years, but can't say that I had been a runner, just a girl that trained for a few runs. My husband and I have been having discussions of late, as to the "why" of races. Why do people do them? What is the motivation? My motivation is a drive to prove to myself that I can. And I did!

Honestly though, the last few days I have been struggling with the lack of elation felt when crossing the finish line. Where were the tears of joy, the feeling of victory? I just accomplished something remarkable, so why don't I feel like it?

As it has happened so many times before, the answer didn't hit me until I started typing. I had accomplished something remarkable, but it was well before the day of the race. Every day that I went out for a run after a full day of work was a victory. Every weekend I left my family at home to go for a long run was an obstacle overcome.

Truthfully, I earned my "Half Marathon Runner" status well before I crossed the finish line. By the morning of the race I had run for hundreds of miles, what was 13 more? The race itself was really a celebration, a chance to recognize the effort put forth to get us there.

I had been expecting something life changing when I crossed that line, but the moment had already found me, every time I laced up my running shoes. Now I'm not just a girl who has run in a few races, I'm a runner who celebrates her success by participating in races.
I can't wait for the next party.

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