Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Butterflies in Bloom

I adore butterflies! Whenever I see a butterfly flitter across my path I feel as though joy incarnate has graced me with it's presence. My heart lifts as I watch this beautiful creature fly thru the air like it was dancing to a happy little tune.

I have been dying to visit the "Butterflies in Bloom" exhibit at our zoo all summer and this last weekend we finally got the chance to go.

I could have stayed with the butterflies all day. Spending the afternoon at the zoo was one of the highlights of my summer. Besides the glorious time I had with the butterflies, we got to see the rest of the animals at the zoo, what fun. As soon as we walked thru the gates I was off and running to snap photos of any, and every, animal I could find. I do believe I heard my son comment to my husband that I was "just like a kid".

I'm excited with all the great reference photos I was able to collect. I have enough sketching material to last me a good long while. I have been attempting to draw on a some what regular basis, but inspiration had been hard to come by. This trip was just what I needed.

Here's hopping there is a happy little tune in your head that you can dance to throughout your week.


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