Monday, February 6, 2012

Girl Interrupted

Some days nothing you plan goes the way you intended. The last few days have been that way for me and it was really bugging me. Why was this happening and how could I stop it? I came up with a handful of reasons that led to the interruption of "The Plan" and ways to remedy them.

After much contemplation, adding, subtracting and deliberating, this is what I came up with........"To heck with the plan!" I need to learn to be more flexible. Yes my time is precious and I have so little of it to throw around, but why get stressed when things don't go the way I planned?

The reality is that a lot of great things happened when the plan was interrupted, things I would otherwise have missed out on. For example, what I had intended as a quick run around our neighborhood, turned into a wonderful hike with my husband. Not in the plan, but so great!

The more I think about it, this whole concept of being flexible with our plans is one of those life lessons. We hold on so tight to the plans we make and usually in those times God shakes us out of them. I thinks it's His way of saying "Who's plans were you following?" If I trust Him like I say I do, letting go would be easy right? No I guess letting go is never easy, but I'm working on it, one finger at a time.

I hope this week, when your plans go awry (because, such is life) you are able to enjoy the moments you didn't plan for. After all, the unexpected things in life are often far better than we could have dreamed.


  1. Hi Kristen,
    I see that you are a fairly new blogger. I started mine in '2009' but did not visit other blogs until last May. A whole new world has opened up to me. You, as you've probably already realized are going to love the connection you form through blogging. I learned a LONG time ago to just go with the flow and not worry about perfect schedules. Life is so much more enjoyable that way. Some of the funnest moments (like gallavanting wth friends) come from unplanned events. Sorry that I am rabling. I just found out that you and I have been teamed up for the tote swap. I am excited and looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Jann,
      So pleased to meet you! I am so excited to be a part of this swap. From the moment Marsha emailed me, my brain has been turnning with bag ideas. Yes I am new to blogging and your so right, a new world has opened up for me. I have all this new found creative energy.

      I love all your quilts. Quilting is something I have on my "some day I'm gonna try that" list. I adore the colors and patterns on your valentine apron. So cute! It looks like you also like tea cups. I started collecting them myself when I was 18.

      So....what colors are your favorite? I see you like like vintage(me too). How many swaps have you participated in? Thanks for your note. I look forward to chatting more as well.