Saturday, December 31, 2011

Joy In The Middle

Thanks to my Mom I never have to go to far to find joy. She made sure it would always be close at hand. She tucked it neatly right in between my first and last name, right in the middle.

Yet for something so close I have to admit that from time to time I do loose it. On second thought I think it's better to say I overlook it......and I'm done. I'm done overlooking my joy. It's apart of me and I'm giving it a voice.

When I was young it was so easy to just be me. Though some how over the years, little parts of me dropped back in the shadows. Titles like Wife, Mom, and Boss took center stage. I just want to be me, Kristen Joy.

This blog is about finding my joy, finding myself. Sharing the things that make me happy because there are truly so many. From cooking to art to my family and the true joy I find in my Heavenly Fathers arms.

No longer in the shadows and no longer overlooked, Im finding my joy. Your welcome to come along on my journey if you like. Take what you will and leave the rest. If some how you can share in my joy, or rediscover your own, well that would just be something wouldn't it? I bet if you look, you'll discover that it's closer than you thought.

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